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Case Study: A Condo Kitchen Re-Design

Adding 40% more storage space without moving any walls

Our clients live in a waterfront property on Brickell with stunning views – including from the kitchen which has 2 large windows. They are a family that loves to cook (and has every kitchen gadget imaginable). Their dated mica cabinets were insufficient, so they resorted to open racks wherever they could put them.


  • Create as much storage space as possible!

  • Create a small seating area against a window

  • Integrate a specific appliance package, with column fridge and freezer, wall oven and separate cooktop, micro hood and dishwasher


  • Modern, white and bright, minimal (to contain as much of their stuff as possible).

Challenges of the existing space:

  • Electrical panel facing inside the kitchen meant no cabinets could go along a significant section of a wall

  • The sink under a window would have been a fantastic solution, there was not enough space to fit a standard sink cabinet

Existing Layout

We re-configured the kitchen, adding 40% more cabinet space while making it feel bigger; a much more pleasant space to cook and hang out in by:

  • Flipping the electrical panel to the other side of the wall (in another room)

  • Shifting the entryway

  • Relocating the cooking appliances and fridge

New Layout

The result? We met all of the client's objectives:

  • 2 additional walls were freed up to add cabinet space.

  • Window seating was added

  • Appliance package was incorporated as requested.

Better utilization of counter and prep space, and the space in general now feels bigger than before. The client even got her seating area - the perfect place to drink her morning coffee while watching the sun come up!

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