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How to make moving in less stressful

You finally got the keys to your new home. Congratulations! Now the real work starts.

Moving into a new home can daunting, but it can also be an exciting new chapter. We're breaking down the top things on our to-do list to help you feel at home sooner, without the hassle.


Plan your storage space and closets

An organized home is a happier one. What better time to start out right and make the most of your storage space than before you load all of your stuff in? Check out our blog post on re-organizing (in this case it’s pre-organizing!) for tips to get started. Take the time now to plan what will go where - we can help you design and install closets based on your needs and budget.

Image: Elle Décor

Walls as décor

It's much easier to paint a blank slate than trying to do it around your furniture. Walk through your new home and think about what colors you want in each room and paint before your arrange your stuff. Here are some tips on how to select the best colors for your spaces. We’ve got suggestions for wallpaper too.

Image: Pinterest / The Walker Group


Your lighting choices have a huge impact on the overall feel of any room. They are also a fantastic way to create some drama. Thinking of a new chandelier or statement lighting? Check our latest blog on lighting for some inspiration.

Image: Anthropologie

Window treatments

Speaking of lighting, natural light is a double-edged sword – it looks and feels wonderful, but if not controlled, it can do major damage to your furniture and your artwork. And in South Florida, a western facing window with sun light flooding in will blow up your electric bill in the summer! Window treatments filter out (or entirely block) natural light and are an important element of any room. In addition to the look, consider how much light you want at all times of the day, and plan your window treatments accordingly.


Home Automation

It’s easy to automate a whole slew of devices in your home, from lighting to window treatments to entertainment systems. Change out a few switches, get a few smart plugs and voilá, smart home! We did a whole series on it, check it out.

Image: Create and Barrel

If this list seems long, pick one must-do room first, and move on from there. Remember, no matter the size of the project, Honeyman makes home-improvement hassle-free! Let us take on some of the burden, and you’ll be settled into your new dream home in no time.

Moving into a new home can be daunting, but it can also be an exciting new chapter.

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