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Is your home looking tired? Here are 7 simple and inexpensive updates.

According to Home Advisor, people are most likely to consider a major renovation once they have lived in a property for 6 years or more. Since home décor trends shift constantly, before you know it that awesome built-in you had installed will begin to look dated.

So what can you do if you’re not ready to invest in a renovation, but you want your home to be up with the times?

I recently worked with a family interested in buying a property in an older building on Miami Beach, built in the 70’s. The unit had killer water views, and a great layout, but felt stuck in the 80’s. Meanwhile, the buyer wanted to move in quickly, didn’t want to live in the unit during construction, and most importantly, wasn’t ready to for the expense of an all-out renovation. So, we created a list of small projects that could be completed relatively quickly, and relatively inexpensively. These are things that we can all do to reverse signs of aging in our home, whether you are on the market, or craving an update.

1. Update your lighting:

  • Remove and replace any track lighting with flush mounts or pendants. Re-visit your sconces. Check out new, ultra-thin and easy to install wafer lights to replace your ceiling lamps or recessed lighting. So thin that they disappear into the ceiling.

  • Replace all bulbs with LEDs and replace any fluorescent fixtures. Fluorescent light is very unflattering, meanwhile LEDs are more energy efficient and last longer than both fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

  • Install undercabinet lighting in the kitchen

For inspo, check out earlier posts I’ve written on lighting that you can refer to here and here.

2. Bathroom refresh:

  • New faucets in your bathrooms and kitchen go a long way to make a space look clean and updated, and there are all kinds of styles, finishes and price points to choose from.

  • New shower heads can not only update your look, but also make your bath feel more like a spa.

  • New vanities - Ikea and Home Depot have inexpensive options with basin sinks (as opposed to the undermount 90’s style) that can drag your bathroom into this century.

  • If you can spring for a glass enclosure for your tub or shower, go for it. If you have an old plastic one and don’t want to spend the money, take it out and put up a nice shower curtain instead

  • Re-grouting and caulking will make everything look fresh and new.

3. Door frames and hardware, baseboards and molding:

  • Replace or cover ornate door frames with simple block moldings.

  • If you have hinges that have been painted over, replace them (with a finish that matches your doorknobs). Consider new doorknobs.

  • Simple baseboards and crown moldings are more contemporary, or just nix the crown molding altogether.

4. Electrical outlets and switch covers:

Old outlet and switch covers turn yellow and crack. New ones look cleaner, and more contemporary. And while you’re at it, consider dimmers and smart switches – more lighting options and easy to install.

5. AC Vents:

Hate AC grills? There are linear vents of all sizes that look much more modern (and are so much easier to clean!). And if you can’t get the EXACT size you need, it’s cheap to build out the edges in drywall to get to the right fit.

6. Window Treatments:

Update and upgrade. There are inexpensive options that you can DIY, or you can go all out with customs and pay more.

7. And finally, paint and wallpaper!

Always a surefire way to brighten a space. Don’t just think of paint for your walls – think of cabinets and furniture too!

Since home décor trends shift constantly, before you know it that awesome built-in you had installed will begin to look dated.

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