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The place where you grew up.
The place you raise your children.
Where you want to grow old with your significant other.
A testimony to your hard work and accomplishments.
A safe haven.
A sanctuary.
Where you gather your family and friends.
A place to build memories.
A place to build future wealth.

No matter what home means to you, it's a very important part of your life.  


Honeyman is on a mission is to make home improvement less stressful, so that you can have the home you always wanted.

Living Room

Our Story

Cynthia McFarlane and Aleksandra Baucal met when they worked together on preserving the landmark building they both lived in on Brickell Avenue.  First friends, now business partners, they share a passion for architecture and beautiful spaces.  Their very different backgrounds and life experiences complement each other, each other, enabling them to deliver on the promise of making home design and renovations less stressful for their clients.


Meet The Team

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